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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May 30, 2006

Well its been a while since i popped in and said hi. I think the last time I was here I was getting ready for the big date!!! Well it was a really nice night. We went to a greek resturant in Oakleigh, the food was fabulous and it never ended..... There was Kym, Chris, Tony and myself, so we all decided to hit St Kilda after dinner. We ended up in a lttle quiet pub for a few drinks. Kym and Chris left just after midnight and Tony and I headed back to his place. We talked till 4 in the morning snuggled in a blanket, it was really nice and very comfortable. We hit the sack, yes in the same bed but fully dressed.... we are both shocking....besides, me in a 'g' isnt the most flattering thing anybody wants to see. Anyway we slept, nothing more, nothing less, except for me stealing the blankets and almost lying ontop of him for warmth.....hehehe....... So it was up, breaky and out by 9.30am cos Tony had to work. Anyway I picked up Blaine from Brads. He had a great time and everything seemed to go really well there. I went shopping again, After shopping for 8 hours wasnt enough on the Saturday, and brought myself a jumper. Luckily Blaine had such a big weekend he slept so I headed of to Chadstone to see a movie with Tony. We saw The De Vicnci code... Well what I saw of it when I wasnt sleeping...lol. Not my kind of movie....nothing like a chic flick or a split your sides comedy. Anyway we headed different directions after it and it took me a half an hour to find my car in the dark, cold wet night.....
That was my exciting weekend.
The week was really quiet, but I had a Mary Kaye party on Friday night. Had heaps of people here but thought I would have received something like a % off for sales or something like that but nothing.... was really disappointed. Everyone seemed to have a great night, apart from my sister making me feel worthless likeshe normally does. Why i let it get to me I have know idea. I scrapped all day Saturday and stayed at home Saturday night.... no baby sitter, no friends, no party...... Sunday I sat in bed (where it was warm) until I had to get up... and went to work for 4 hours....I finally got the filling done... thank god...3 months in the making and its done...yipee.
Me, Felicity and the kids went to the Pancake Parlour for dinner...mmmm lovely.......but was really annoyed with myself, cos I ordered my normal from there and couldn't eat it all..... what a waste.....but it was really nice.
Worked yesturday, and did the usual today, swimming the bills..... yuck. Nothing planned for the weekend yet. I have my tummy tuck appointment Thursday and my official weigh in on Friday.
Day 22 lost 1.6 kilo, total lost 4.6 kilo in 22 days.... not bad I reckon.... Hopefully heaps more will fall off...
Until next time... chow for now

Saturday, May 20, 2006

May 20 2006

May 20 2006

Well Saturday is finally here. The big date!!! but I have lost excitement.I have no expectations, no wants, no needs, just going to dinner with friends and company.....I have been messing my head around the what ifs and have decided to back off and just have fun....
Well it has been 15 days into the diet....a little disheartened today. I weighed myself and have dropped .5 kilo since last time... I think I was expecting to loose heaps really quickly.... wake up and be thin and beautiful.... bzzzzzz the alarm goes off....lol I can only dream.. I guess it hasnt been that bad. Start weight 99.2 - Todays weight 96.2 3 kilo loss in 15 days. My goal I have decided is 80 kilo so 16.2 to go... Once I get to that weight I will re-assess my self and decide wether I want to be lighter or not.
Blaine is off to Brads for the night. Im sure he will be fine. They both seem to be excited. Brad is picking him up this arvo, taking him to footy for an hour then dinner, bath and bed....
I on the other hand am about to get dressed and head down to factory direct to see if i can find a bargin to wear tonight, and go to Forbes to see if I can get my hands on a nice bra.... By the time we get home, Blaine should be so tired he will sleep well for Brad tonight. I just know i will be on the phone making sure he is ok.
I need to de-fluff (lol) and put on a face and see if I can look half decent for tonight... a feat in it self.
Will keep you all up to date with the weekend.
Until then.... chow

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

May 16, 2006

Hi again...

well its almost midnight and im sitting here listening to Nickelback very loud..... Saw them in concert a few weeks ago and now I cant stop listening to them. Fantastic concert.... Far away is playing at the moment. Its a very special song for me cos we played it dads funeral.... (he died 27/12/2005). I am really missing him at the moment with all that is going on with mum and my sister. She is 6 years younger and I have a brother too who is 3 years younger. Anyway it was mothers day over the weekend, and once again, nothing special.... Brad (my X) doesn't do anything for me for my son so it is repaid when fathers day comes around.
Well I started my 'weight loss' plan on the 5th and weighed my self on the 14th. I had lost 2.4 kilos... I was mighty impressed with myself. I have an appointment on the 1st to see about a tummy tuck.. Very nervous but it is the only thing that makes me parranoid. I am wanting to lose 5 kilos with in the month so I am on track. would like to lose another 20 kilos.... I wish I could wake up and it was all gone.
I have big plans this weekend. I have kind of a date with the boss and another couple. We are going to a greek resturant and then who knows after that.... Its been a long time since i have been with anybody... 2 years to be precise so the nerves are taking over. He is a really nice guy with morals so who knows... might just be a night out with friends....Blaine (my son) is staying at his dads for the first time ever so that is a bit frightening in itself. They both seem to be very excited about the whole thing. I am just hoping that I dont have the same problem as I did last week when he looked after him for the first time. Blaine came home, made himself sick from crying and told me he loved daddy and wanted to go to his house to live... I know he is only 3 but it still hurts the same, especially when it has been only the 2 of us since I was 12 weeks pregnant. My x decided that he didn't want to play mummys and daddys after 2 years of trying, IVF and misscarriages... I still dont understand it but i am over it now and Blaine deserves to know his dad. Besides, he is getting married at the end of the year so I am hoping he has settled down and will step up and take some responsibility for once.
I'm feeling very lonely the last few days...hopefully that will pass cos its playing with my head... watch out boys... Lorrie's back in the game....hehehe....
I better think about getting to bed for work in the morning....will chat again soon...xoxoxoxox

Saturday, May 13, 2006

May 13, 2006

Entry 1....
Hello and welcome to my life........I'm Lorrie, a 32 year old single mum with a beautiful yet trying at times, 3 year old, Blaine.
As this is my first entry and it is all new to me, I will keep it short and sweet. I am sure over time you will get to learn about the real me and I will introduce you to my wonderful cirlce of friends and family, and fill you on some of the antics we get up to from time to time.
The reason for me to start this blog was I am a keen scrap booker and I am a regular member on the online scrapbook shop, www.embellished.com.au . The girls on there all have their own blog, so with a little persistance and a gentle nudge I decided it was only fit for me to have one as well. So if you enjoy scrapping, or would love to be involved on a chat site with a wonderful bunch of ladies (and Glenn...lol) , drop in and say hi. Im sure Ali would love to see new members on there even if it is to join in on our online games.....
Well it is Saturday 2.30pm, and I have just enjoyed a very hot bubble bath after a very physical day at work.....and boy am I pooped.... No actual plans for this weekend as it is mothers day tomorrow. I'm heading out to go shopping for a last minute gift and we as a whole family will go out for dinner tomorrow night to la porchetta. MMM can't decide on what I want.... the thought of it all is making me very hungry.....
Oh yeah....I started my weight loss plan last week and am happy to say I have lost 1.4 kilos in a week......another 30 to go.........I don't think i will ever get down to the size I was at 18 but I would be happy to be about a 14 rather than an 18.... especially when that some one special decides to sing "I like big butts" while he is holding a ladder that I am on top off......bugger...
Its a shame he has no idea I think like that, but I am sure I will fill you in on it all over time...
Well I better get dressed..... yes i am wrapped in a towel.... so i can get to the shop before it closes..... Will chat soon and thankyou for visiting...xoxoxox